The Case on Case

Most retailers carry a product in hopes they’re supplying a need for customers who will buy the inventory. They adjust inventory based on customer needs and count their sales from there, with a few big name suppliers offering display collateral and customer incentives to help sales along.

But, what if you could take that inventory from a good retailer experience to a great merchant experience with a program that increases sales and customer retention? That’s exactly what we do with our dealer programs in partnership with Case Knives.


More than a solution

The 50-year partnership between Jessup & Associates and W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. has resulted in a relationship with a brand that has hand-crafted knives since 1889. Together, we have created a brand and retail presence that is available to big name retailers and small, niche retailers alike with customized dealer programs.

The programs take Case Knives to a new retail level with in-store merchandising, product cases, retailer training, in-store signage, print ads, custom brochures, radio spots and more. We offer five levels of the program, including Exclusive Master, Master, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Each offers different types of merchandising, creative and Case representation options to give even the smallest retailers as much credibility as the big guys.


A Real Difference for Case Dealers

Marvin Mott, of Texas Knives & Collectibles, became a Master Dealer and found that Case Knives brought a whole new dimension to his store, especially when the regular hardware season was off.

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. has been a great addition for our business. Adding the knife brand has given a new dimension to our store and brought in a new customer base that enhanced our overall business. Case Cutlery has allowed cash flow to our business when the regular hardware business has been off or difficult. Case has been important enough to us that we have dedicated approximately 1,000 square feet to Case Knives and dedicated a website as well. We continue to see growth year over year and are very happy with our cutlery business. Case has had a huge impact on our sales, our business and in helping to provide for our family.
— Mott on working with Jessup & Associates Master Dealer Program

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