Cheers to Many Years

At Jessup & Associates, our whole business is made from building relationships and making them last. So, it’s no secret that we owe our years of success to the brands and retailers that we do business with every day.

We want to say Thank You for 50 Great Years of business.

In 1965, we began what is now a 50-year relationship with W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. We partnered to develop the Case brand, represent the Case brand and live the Case brand as if it was our own. It gave Jessup & Associates the opportunity to grow and work with one of the best brands in America.

Since then, we have become a leader in B2B and B2C relationships. We manage thousands of retailer establishments and represent our brands in a creative and faithful manner. We’ve grown and diversified to offer more complex representation with in-house creative services, distribution, field sales, personalization, a fully staffed customer service call center and much more.


We look forward to 50 more years of building brands and growing together. Our team stays dedicated to staying true to the brands we represent while making creative, impactful marketing. We thank you again for building a relationship with Jessup & Associates.


Cheers to 50 More Years!